Online Payment System


Make payments using Facebook Messenger.

About PayBot

Paybot was created in 2017

based on the idea to offer customers a new, simple and secure way of payment.

Considering that a massive amount of people use Facebook Messenger on a daily basis, it is natural that for some of them payment process through this platform can be quite interesting.

Our partner company is JSC “United Clearing Center”, which is founded by commercial banks and the National Bank Of Georgia. It has been operating in the Georgian market for more than 10 years. Thanks to the JSC “United Clearing Center “, the whole payment process with Paybot is secure and stable.

Our aim is to make the appearance of a new means of payment, which is going to be the most attractive to a specific segment of customers.



The whole working process is simple and straightforward, as everything happens during the dialogue with the Chabot.


First of all, you need to choose the service, you want to pay, through the Chatbot page navigation which consists of categories and subcategories.


Afterwards, Chatbot offers you all the necessary steps for making a payment. Firstly, you will indicate your identification number, then the amount of money based on the information from your debt message.


Then you can go to the payment page of the bank with the help of the link generated by us and make a payment.


If the payment card is saved by you, Chabot saves only necessary identification data excluding the card information.


Chabot possesses many other features to make the payment process more convenient. For example, saves the subscriber's number, notifies for the debt payment, has automated and group payment features, etc.


Here are some videos that explain the working principles of PayBot



Paybot can be used through Facebook Messenger. You can connect to Paybot like you connecting to your friends and make a payment through a simple and safe process. This process doesn't require downloading, installing, or registering any additional program.



You find yourself in a well-known environment – Facebook Messenger. In order to use Paybot, you do not need any extra instructions, since Chatbot offers all the services during conversation naturally. This applies to choosing a service and payment process as well as automated features like - text messaging for debt collection, saving an identification number, automated payment of your debt, etc.



Paybot connects customers with the banks. Payment is made on a special page of the bank. Neither Paybot nor Facebook has access to your private data. Therefore Paybot is as equally secure and reliable as any other online payment platform in Georgia.